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we are a design studio focused on early stage startups, helping founders define, design and build products.

Segment ↗

25,000+ businesses use this platform to manage their customer data. With our design system, it works like magic. And it was acquired for $3.2 billion.

delio ↗

A shopping app for those with a little bit too much on their plate. We defined their strategy, visual identity and e-commerce experience.

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Ilya Volodarsky

Tonik was the secret sauce behind our growth. They’re fun, creative and incredibly efficient. I recommend them to all the founders I advise.

Ilya Volodarsky
Co-Founder of Segment
Julian Shapiro

You can waste years trying to find an agency. Or you can just go with tonik. They’re reliable and always coming up with ideas better than mine.

Julian Shapiro
Founder of Demand Curve
James Schuler

Insanely good work and break-neck speeds! They’ll grow with you as your needs evolve, but you’ll have world-class design from day one.

James Schuler
CTO of Kafene
What can you help with?

Our core focus is product design, but since most founders expect end-to-end support, we also build brands, websites (in Webflow!) and design systems. We also have small no-code and full-stack development teams, helping us get MVPs off the ground.

What are your rates?

Roughly $100 per hour depending on the engagement type and length.

Who’s your typical customer?

We mostly work with early-stage founders, helping them in their 0 → 1 journey. Early-stage products is where the magic happens, and those are definitely our favorite projects to tackle.

On the other end of the spectrum, we also work with mature orgs, often unicorns - in those cases we either replace or supplement their in-house design teams.

Why tonik?

Because we’re not optimising for revenue, we don’t do half-assed recurring meetings or pretentious processes. We just want to build cool stuff with fun people and have a fucking blast doing it.

Also, how else are you going to experience our god-tier custom Slack emojis?

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tonik here — a design studio focused on early stage startups, helping founders define, design and build products.

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