Remember how in 2020 the sky above San Francisco looked straight up Blade Runner 2049? That was because of the wildfires in California. And they’re only getting more severe.

The state and federal agencies are accelerating fuel treatments. But planning them can take even a decade. We don’t have that much time — the forests will literally burn down before we act.

Wildfires (the non-profit group, not the actual wildfires!) is here to regain control over the crisis. We teamed up with them to design a centralized system to manage projects, track timelines and analyze data.


Product Design


Environmental Services

Product Design

There’s so many people involved in a project, with each expert having different goals. While high-ranking officials delve into the analytics from behind their desks, specialists working in the field need a reliable mobile experience to feed in the data.

We’ve followed an agile design process. Working in small iterations allowed us to quickly prototype and share our ideas with the pilot forests. This way, we made sure that our MVP is enough before we launched.

Always Be Prototyping! Static screens seem like enough, but when you click through a prototype, you start seeing the design from the user’s perspective.

Karol Dera

Product Designer


25,000+ businesses use this platform to manage their customer data. With our design system, it works like magic. And it was acquired for $3.2 billion.

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