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LangChain itself, is the AI-first toolkit that developers love, allowing them building with GenAI. That being said, the platform also offers two other products - LangSmith and LangServe. LangSmith is a unified DevOps platform for deploying, and monitoring LLM applications. LangServe gives developers an API, docs, and a playground for their LangChain apps.

Summing the ecosystem up, there’s no surprise that 100k+ devs use LangChain to build their AI apps. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the incredible LangChain team and to rebrand the company and build a new website.


Given the platform consists of multiple products, we came up with a system - something achieving clear cohesion between the sub-brands, while also having a unique differentiator in every instance.

We went for something organic - while the brand is clearly techy, the colors and shapes are rooted in nature, as is LangChain’s stochastic parrot.

Natalia Żerko
Head of Branding


With the platform growing, we designed and built a site with scalability in mind. Leveraging Webflow Enterprise allows the LangChain team to easily manage the content while not having to worry about the insane amount of traffic the site gets.

Visually, the look and feel is clearly determined by our decisions during the branding process, but we took it further with a subtle motion design layer, that’s aesthetically pleasing but incredibly light, as it’s all built via code.

Don't let the cute parrot fool you. It flies so high in terms of monthly traffic only Webflow Enterprise Hosting could handle it.

Dawid Skubisz
Head of No-Code

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CEO Harrison Chase, who confirmed a $20 million funding round led by Sequoia, said his one-year-old startup already had a waitlist of 80,000 for its new LangSmith tools.

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