lemon.markets provides companies with the technical and regulatory infrastructure to launch investment products through their brokerage API. When the company made the decision to pivot to a B2B model, they turned to tonik to redesign their website tailored to their new target audience.

We got a taste of lemon.markets' culture when they came for a visit and played football with us; their commitment to winning the game was at a Champions League level, we kid you not. Likewise, their dedication and insightful feedback on the website design was unmatched. And so we'd become all one team working on the project together from start to finish.






$15 million


Building this site was a great chance to bring movement to the layouts, even when we pivoted from a soft 3D concept to simple, geometric shapes. The product itself has become the key element as a building block around which the whole story revolves. Lots of air, simplified illustrations, and sparse use of the brand’s color are playing into the straightforward vibe of an otherwise technical product.

The design remains flexible and beyond easy to apply for further development - we used smooth, monochromatic transitions and eye-pleasing visuals. All this magic for one purpose only - to demonstrate how lemon.markets abstract infrastructure complexities from their customers through technology. The technical setup that makes up our world of finance has been rebuilt entirely.

Chili Piper

They devised a recipe to double inbound conversion rates. We turned their secret sauce into a product suite for revenue teams.

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