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One-day shipping shouldn’t cost the Earth. And they found a way to do it. We designed their brand identity and customer experience.







$15.4 million

Since Amazon introduced one-day delivery to the mainstream, we’ve got used to the convenience of overnight shipping. Flexing a pair of new kicks you’ve ordered last night is not a utopia, but the everyday reality of urban life.

Many love the speed, but only a few see its environmental side effects. Because it’s not costing us just a few extra bucks — but the Earth. And if we don’t rethink the model now, there won’t be a livable future for us.

Fortunately, with Liefergrün customers can enjoy the same shipping times AND be a part of the green revolution in parcel logistics. The German startup asked us to define their branding and design a truly customer-oriented experience.


Our answer is simple: strong typography, dynamic logo and vibrant green that’s synonymous with ‘sustainability’ in all dictionaries. These elements make it easy to recognize Liefergrün’s fleet on the streets of sunny Berlin or cloudy Hamburg.

The flexibility of the brand design system lets Liefergrün work in digital and print, for B2B and B2C, and in English and German.

Natalia Żerko
Head of Branding


Liefergrün’s website follows the brand principles to create a cohesive yet special image. Huge headings, relevant photos and a unique layout explain why sustainable delivery is the way to go — for both customers and retailers.

The same attention to detail went into designing the customer experience. It’s optimized for mobile, so that people can order, track and contact support from the comfort of their couch.

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[...] Liefergrün just raised [... a] $12 million Series A six months after its seed round. The German company, founded in Munster in 2020, manages logistics for last-mile delivery. It works with brands like Adidas and Dyson to make their deliveries greener via an electric fleet and routing software to maximize efficiency.

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