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Launch 10x faster with no-code. Conserve capital & validate early.

↓  See how we turned the slow and costly into the fast and frugal.

Mi Casa ↗

AirBNB-esque house swapping.
No-code tech meets the marketplace model.

Right from our first intro call, I knew they were the team I wanted to partner with. Insane passion, skill and delivery.

Kwasi Twum-Acheampong
Founder of Mi Casa

No-code allowed us to validate our idea within days, not months.

Bartek Pierzchała
Founder of Pickle
Pickle ↗

A design feedback tool, for designers, by designers.
Built on Bubbble, with the MVP created in just 2 days.

Building with no-code: our approach

Time is money, and we get it. You’re not in the business of moving kanban boards in Jira and checking Github commits. You're here to launch, validate, and conquer the market.

That's where our no-code approach comes in. We cut through the noise and get straight to what matters - getting your product out there fast. So why waste time on mundane stuff when you could already be making waves in the market?

Meet Dawid, our no-code lead — tell him about your goals and see how you can get there faster by leveraging no-code.

Give me the elevator pitch on no-code.

With no-code tools, you can build functional and interactive products using visual interfaces and pre-built components. That translates to several advantages: significantly faster development cycles, lower costs, and increased flexibility.

There must be limits in no-code, right?


What are your engagement models?

We have 2 engagement models: project-based at $100/hour and a monthly subscription packages starting from $4K/month - choose the best one for you here.

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