This mission-driven startup makes ownership flexible to every adult American in under 5 minutes. We shaped their MVP and brand identity.


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As people become fed up with traditional banking methods, more and more are looking into credit card alternatives. The need to purchase things in a more flexible way is something the old system can't provide. That's why the buy now, pay later model is a trending solution.

But what if you can't afford what you actually need? Or have a credit score that's not high enough (for whoever said so)? Or miss a payment? One slip and you're done.

That's why Kafene makes ownership flexible to every adult American in under 5 minutes. With their help, leasing is available to individuals. Nobody has to worry about missing a payment or their credit score (which gets boosted if they buy out the loan earlier).

Product Design

Dealing with such a sensitive matter as finance calls for design that's honest, transparent and simple. Without these principles, the users won't trust Kafene enough to purchase or sell items. To meet the technical requirements and provide the best-in-class usability, we worked closely with the client to discover and define the problems first.

Since most customers use Kafene on-the-go — often inside a store itself — we designed the experience with the mobile-friendly standards in mind. The application process is quick and self-explanatory. But if someone wants to ask an expert for help, they can walk through this process with a merchant.

For them, we designed a sleek dashboard. There, all the most frequently used actions are displayed right at the top, providing quick access. And the managers get a bird's eye view of what's happening in each store, along with clear reporting.

You can't design the right solution if you don't share the same vision. Workshops are the best way to bridge that gap. And they worked great here, too.

Damian Redecki
Head of Design


Even though Kafene is a fintech startup by definition, we noticed their human-focused approach to business and wanted to highlight it. The branding we designed establishes trust without acting bureaucratic. It knows how to speak to people with flexible key visuals and handcrafted illustrations.

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Kafene [...] raised $18 million in a Series B funding round. While there are similarities to the buy now, pay later approach to making purchases, Kafene CEO Neal Desai emphasizes that his company’s model is different in a few ways.

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