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When Joe, the co-founder of Hydra was asked what words best describe his company, one of the first things that came to his mind was: it’s imaginative. And if our branding doesn’t reflect this bold statement - then we don’t know what does.

Build on Postgres - but significantly faster for analytics and scales - Hydra is an open-source data warehouse. Engineers love Hydra - it is familiar, integrated everywhere - and open source. Hydra’s cloud database is trustworthy, simple to manage, and promotes collaboration across an organization. To top it all up - Hydra makes clear analysis accessible.

So if you’re destined to take care of the most important part of a modern business by providing it with a powerful tool - why not introduce it in a beautiful way, too?


Our task - the rebranding of this highly technical product - seemed pretty obvious. We would put money on “clean and functional design conveying professionalism and reliability”…

But then something magical happened: the client started elaborating about Greek mythology and art, sending loom videos featuring ancient Greek vases and vessels... Initially, taking it with a pinch of salt, we approached it with caution. And when Joe confirmed that they indeed wanted all in - the real fun started. We have translated a strong concept into a visually compelling brand identity.

Featuring a very illustrative elephant with two trunks, we created a brand that STANDS OUT. The double-trunked elephant became the central element of the logo as well. We carefully chose a color palette that blended modernity with a touch of antiquity. Deep orange, rich black, and white were used to evoke the elegance of ancient Greek pottery while maintaining a contemporary feel.

To balance the imaginative elements of the brand, we opted for a contrasting typography that, in fact, Hydra used before. It’s a subtle nod to Hydra's technical capabilities that blends well with the elaborate design.

All developer tools companies look exactly the same: purple websites, some gradients, and flat design. However, we’ve taken a different approach: we decided to embrace the name of Hydra and welcome, rather than avoid, mythological influences. The cutting-edge design presented the great opportunity to set ourselves apart with a bolder color scheme and visuals. I believe that, thanks to this approach, our website has become the perfect medium for telling our story through branding as well.

Joseph Sciarrino
Co-founder & CEO at Hydra


Even though the website is informative and functional, the brave branding was successfully applied and - what's more - plays a crucial role here. The homepage features a prominent animated illustration of the double-trunked elephant, the central emblem of the brand. Greek pottery-inspired motifs and patterns are used as not-so-subtle background elements to evoke the ancient aesthetic. These patterns add texture and depth to the site.

The website has an intuitive layout, ensuring easy navigation through a well-organized structure. Strategically placed CTA buttons encourage users to take specific actions, such as requesting a demo, downloading resources, or contacting the team. This design conveys Hydra's unique value proposition but also positions the company as a creative leader in the industry.

Blending art and technology into a visually stunning and informative online presence captures the essence of the brand. It's not every day you get to mix mythology, tech, and elephants into one mind-blowing project. We’re now on a quest to find more projects that are just as cool as Hydra or dare we say, even cooler.

Got one? We’re all ears!

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