With €1.5M in pre-seed funding, they created for Web3 what Stripe is for Web 2.0 and came to us for branding, website, and product.




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As Web3 is taking the world by storm, it’s fewer funny cats videos and more blockchain. Instead of spending hours scrolling through hilarious memes, users now spend their time verifying transactions.

For those who embraced decentralization, Februar built a developer-first payment infrastructure to enable flexible conversion between fiat money and any crypto token. All this in an EU-wide regulatory-compliant manner.

What does it mean in practice? Even though the company targets Web3 businesses as their customers - wallets, NFT projects, Web3 gaming; their mission is to improve the user experience of the Web3 developers as much as the end users. And to take onboard millions of them.


Trustworthy and friendly, lean and light. That’s a direct quote from Februar’s team when we talked about their needs for the new branding.

The logo for Februar is a typographic interpretation of their name. Does it bring to mind some intangible currency? Yes. Was it intentional? Absolutely. The transparency visualized by a sheet of translucent glass creates an edgy yet professional feel. It embodies Februar’s unwavering commitment to security, and reliability without missing out on an approachable vibe.

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Product Design

Integrating payment processes into Web3 businesses is a big pain for developers. They want easy-to-use services as building blocks for their projects and the most hassle-free conversion. Our product designers did just that - simplified everything.

The sleek look of the dashboard and transaction tables go hand in hand with an optimized user experience. Integrations based on API are for digitally fluent, but everyone has a fair chance as clients can also choose a widget to embed in their project.

From devs, for devs, with love - just like that.

create a widget paneltransaction screenpayment screens


It needed to be both functional and stylish. Consistent structure and just the right amount of futuristic flair are paired up with a storytelling flow. The design makes a statement and is a reflection of brand identity and values.

Did we put fun in functional back? Looks like we did.

website screenfeatures screenwebsite screenwebsite screen

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A new fintech team is building a "Stripe for Web3", including one of the Lemon Markets founders. Prominent fintech investors are banking on February's idea. [...] February's thesis: Easier deposit options and usability are a prerequisite for mass adoption. "We want to address many smaller and up-and-coming crypto providers," says the founder.

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