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Filling out a contact form to get a product demo is so last decade. What you get is a couple of auto-generated emails, and, if you’re lucky, someone reaches out, but only after days have passed.

What a drag, huh? Not for Chili Piper, who turned it into a profitable business. The recipe? Qualify the leads, connect them with the right salespeople and schedule meetings within a click.

They asked us to scale their secret sauce into a productivity suite for revenue teams. Here’s our answer.


Product Design
Design System


Sales Automation


$54.4 million

Product Design

We worked directly with the founders. That meant fresh industry gossip, every day. Those daily check-ins gave us both momentum and much needed constrains.

For every meeting, we had something new to present. Some ideas were rough wireframes. Others could only be considered in a high-fidelity prototype. With each stage, we got different types of feedback that shaped what was to come.

Having control over all the apps from one ecosystem gave us a massive advantage. It was a tricky but fun challenge.

Mikołaj Biernat

Product Designer

Design System

As our design team and product range grew, things got tricky. We had to build a design system, which would make us design consistent solutions, faster.

We created it in parallel with our main projects. It worked great! But we weren’t the only people excited about the investment.

The developers mirrored our components and tokens. That let them write front-end code in no time. With faster development, we met our goals and launched the MVPs on schedule.

Even more benefits of the design system became clear once more stakeholders joined the process. In the old way, they had to wait for us to visualize their ideas. Now, they could use the component library to outline their concepts without reinventing the design language.

Media about Chili Piper

Chili Piper, which has a sophisticated SaaS appointment scheduling platform for sales teams, has raised a $33 million B round led by Tiger Global. […] This brings the company’s total financing to $54 million. The company will use the capital raised to accelerate product development.


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