A shopping app for those with a little bit too much on their plate. We defined their strategy, visual identity and e-commerce experience.





Online Food Ordering

Do you remember when you had enough time to grab groceries after work? Don’t worry, we couldn’t tell either. Nowadays, nobody has time for that. But how long can humans live on takeout?!

Apparently, there is a limit because people crave for grocery delivery solutions. But the services that exist are too slow, lack in product variation and have poor food quality.

Not for long. Żabka, the largest chain of convenience stores in Poland, has launched delio — a shopping app for those with a little bit too much on their plate.

We helped them define their strategy, visual identity and craft a standout e-commerce experience.


To charm its natural audience, delio needed to feel like a premium brand: respectfully traditional with an adventurous edge.

We made it elegant and resolute to bring up its true function: to be a perfectly balanced background for the products in their offer.

Kept within the same requirements is our photography direction. Featured products are vibrant, orderly, and match the delio color scope.

We love it when a rough idea turns into an elegant brand and a useful digital product.

Natalia Żerko
Head of Branding


A limited palette of soft colors, a variety of shapes, sophisticated illustrations and typography provide the sense of a first-class service.
The branding shines through the super app technology that — like a true concierge — operates intuitively and seamlessly.

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