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No-code Developer {Bubble and Webflow}
12,000-20,000 PLN + VAT


Do you dabble with Webflow or Framer and build products in Bubble or WeWeb? Giddy up then, we have a lot of cool stuff to create!

At tonik, we work with early-stage startups. Founders come to us to help them get their ideas off the ground. From building sites through validating those ideas to launching actual product MVPs, there's always something exciting to create. No-code allows us to move fast, test stuff and build scalable product for our clients. And not only do we love it – they love it too!

From day one your team leader will make sure you have everything you need to do your magic. Also, a project manager is always around if you need help getting your stuff together. You'll also have a team behind you that'll always cheer for you and help you thrive. And most importantly, cool things waiting to be built.

Sounds like too-much-structure? Fear not — we have a strict no-nagging policy. You need help, ask for it. You want feedback, you’ll get it. You want to be left alone? You do you!

All that, in total freedom. Working in your underwear? IKEA hotdog trip at 1pm? You do you, as long as the clients are happy, so are we.

Just be respectful and make other people happy. And we’ll make sure you’re happy too!

Team size
No. of no-code developers
Remote with Poznań HQ
Working hours
Flexible (within EU timezone)
Early-stage startups
Polish internally, English with clients

Martyna Anessi

Head of People

Dawid Skubisz

Head of No-Code

Your day-to-day

  • Figma to Webflow - implementing beautiful websites using our favourite no-code tool of all times. If you know Framer too, that’s awesome!
  • Connecting backend and databases - think Xano, Airtable, Supabase.
  • Doing some workflow and logic magic - making the app alive and scalable.
  • Thinking out of the box, using tools like Make or Zapier to connect APIs in a clever way.
  • Being the point of contact between tonik and your clients
  • Educating your clients on managing the products
  • Updating your clients about the progress
  • Collaborating with designers on the implementation
  • Joining internal meetings, sharing knowledge and feedback
  • Having an opinion about what’s happening at tonik

It's a match if you're like this

  • Advanced English on B2+ level (think Netflix without looking at subtitles)
  • Ability to build Webflow websites - Client First and Relume frameworks knowledge are a plus!
  • Have a very good hang of Webflow/Framer Interactions, GSAP and are able to do some really custom stuff
  • Ability to build Bubble products, you have at least 1 Bubble product in your portfolio.
  • You are not scared of backend, you know how to create workflows, logic and move freely in no-code databases like Xano, Airtable or Supabase.
  • Keeping up with the news from the no-code world
  • You follow the latest news from US and are a geek about ProductHunt
  • You are a fan of indie hacking, building in public and are not scared of doing it yourself
  • Doing the QA yourself (with designer’s help)
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS
  • Have some design skills (like, you can add missing component states)
  • In for teamwork and honest feedback (works both ways)
  • Organising your work with a little or no help
  • Know the front-end frameworks and their limits
  • Filled with drive and ambition to learn
  • Okay with weekly evening calls with American clients (ET/PT)
  • Vibe compatible with a high-performance, low-ego and drama-free culture
  • Mówisz po polsku (ponglish też przejdzie)

What I love about no-code is that it allows to test ideas very quickly, combined with a splash of tonik you have your next Product Hunt #1 spot in no time.

Dawid Skubisz

Head of No-Code

Work wherever, the way you want

Home? The neighbourhood café? Bali? The choice is yours, but our comfy office & snack-heavy pantry is always open for you. Start at 5am, or noon - we don’t care.

Unlimited growth budget

We cover the full cost of conferences, books and courses, without any limits or caps. Each month, you also get dedicated time, just to focus on your growth.

Get paid time off

Part of your job here is to rest properly, so you get paid time off for that very reason. Depending on how many years of experience you have, it’s from 20 to 26 days off.

Get paid when sick

When you’re not feeling well, your place is under a blanket. You get paid regardless, and you also get access to private medical coverage via LuxMED.

Get time to regenerate

We all have a shit day from time to time. Let us know, put out immediate fires and focus on getting back to the right headspace. It's 5 half-day breaks a year, no impact on your vacation allowance.

Enjoy life, stress-free

We’re not a cult, we hate crunch culture, we don’t do obligatory overtime. But if YOU want to clock in a few more hours, go for it – we’ll pay you double for those.

Improve your English

If you need to reach B2 level in any part of the audit, we'll provide you with free 1-on-1 lessons, 100% tailored to your needs. And when you reach C1, you get a raise, too!

Work hard, play hard & travel

Work is important, but so is having fun. We go out for dinner and some drinks every few weeks but also travel for retreats and workations every year.

Be surrounded by amazing people

Adults spend 20x more time with coworkers than they do with friends. Spend that time around ambitious, wildly skilled and just wholesome people.

Get & stay in shape

Multisport card and massage sessions are obvious. But we also motivate you to get your ass moving. Collect points, and if you hit it big in the leaderboard, we’ll reward you!

The process

1. You first

Hit that big Apply button and tell us about yourself.

2. Vibe check

Let’s jump on a call, so we can both figure whether it’s a fit.

3. Show off

We’ll ask you to do a little portfolio presentation so we can see your no-code wizardry.

4. Join the team

One last interview to talk details and that’s it, you’re on board!

How flexible are the working hours?

You should plan a minimum (think around 2h) overlap with your team and clients to sync about the work. But the rest? Up to you!

How many sick days can I take?

As many as you need, of course. But it’s worth to note that if that’s more than 2, you’ll need to provide a doctor’s notice and you’ll be paid 80% of your daily rate (during the sick leave).

It’s a half day off you can take whenever you’re not in the right headspace, up to 5 times a year. It doesn’t count as sick leave or vacation, and you’ll get paid the same as if you worked the full day.

When am I entitled to take 26 vacation days?

When you’ve got +10 years of work experience — and that includes your higher education. Check this to learn more.

Can I work under the employment contract?

Yes! While we recommend people choose the business contract, we have no problem hiring you under the employment contract.

How do I get promoted?

We talk about pay raise twice a year. No need to prepare any negotiation tactics though — everyone’s compensation is calculated using the same formula.

What’s the onboarding like?

We invite you to our Poznań office for a few days to meet the team, get to know our processes and set up your tools. Once you settle in, you should get your first project.

How big are the project teams?

In terms of designers, it’s usually 2–3 people. We avoid assigning longer (+1 month) projects to a single designer so that it’s easier to share feedback and learn from the group.

If I work remotely, can I visit your office?

Of course! Even better, we cover your transport and accommodation cost. Folks from outside Poznań often come over for a few days around the time we plan a night-out.

Can I freelance besides working here?

If there’s no conflict of interest — do your thing! Though keep in mind that if you want more work, we pay 2x your hourly rate for overtime.

Can I show my projects in my portfolio?

Sure, as long as your clients don’t have anything against publishing them. Our team also regularly post their projects on our Dribbble profile.

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