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Project overview

As population density increases and smog looms over the Bay Area, the car industry crawls for innovation. It desperately needs a breakthrough. While many await it, Upshift delivers it in a service you can use, today.

At the end of the day, most cars are barely used. For the better part of their lifecycle, they sit empty and occupy parking spots, taking them from the people who actually need them. Yet the costs — both personal and environmental — of owning an automobile don’t add up.

Upshift makes renting a car cheaper than a monthly garage space. They cover insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. All you gotta do is choose between a Toyota Prius or an SUV, and it’s delivered to you with a tank full of gas.


Both casual drivers and businesses start their journey with Upshift from its landing page, so we kicked things off from there. Once we caught their vibe, we knew what visuals should meet their eye. The bold, modern look & feel speaks innovation with no stutter.

The onboarding flow is another highlight of our efforts. It’s fast to set up an account, pick a ride and get on the road — if you’re in a hurry. But if you have a few minutes to spare, you can dive into the details as deep as you want.

A highly converting website comes with a risk of attracting people not interested in paying for a service. We had to find the right words to tell them goodbye and focus on the most profitable customers. That’s why the onboarding begins with the plan selection.

Product Design

How do we want people to feel using Upshift? It should be as if the garage was right there in their pocket. That was our benchmark throughout the process.

Most of our attention went to where the users request a car. The context may vary — people can be on their way to a business lunch or weekend getaway. But the experience must be on point, each time. The flow is intuitive, no matter if you’re at your computer desk or on the go with a phone in your hand.

Media about Upshift

What we [Upshift] realized early on was that there are certain types of trips that are really best served by driving. […] It was increasingly clear from all data that only accessing a car replaces owning a car.

Upshift is like owning a car, but better. You always have an identical, unbranded car that’s clean, gassed, and ready to go at your doorstep. We take care of all the headaches of owning a car, like parking, insurance, and maintenance.

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