If you want to achieve your fitness goals alone, it'll be a tough journey. So, to keep yourself accountable, you find a workout partner. But somehow, it often blows. Don't worry, we're not calling out names.

With Reach, you can literally reach out to the fitness influencers you look up to. They'll show you how to exercise and what to put on your plate for the sickest gainz. With their help, you're bound to make it.

Sounds awesome — we're already in our sweats. But what if the idea won't stick with others? You can lose months (if not years!) on development, uncertain. Well, with our know-how, that won't be the case here.


Product Design



Product Design

To validate the idea, we kicked things off with a design sprint. It's a several-day workshop, where by the end of the process we have a prototype of a thing that people want. We used this method to define the product and clear out the next steps without the unnecessary paperwork.

One of the most interesting challenges was to make it feel like your favorite influencer were always there to root for you. All the workouts are shaped by the mentors to feel like a 1:1 training session. Once you're done sweating, they help you decide between a protein shake or salad, depending on your diet plan.

And what's the point of working out if not to brag a little, right? With Reach, you can track your progress to see how close to the goal you are. A celebratory selfie is a must!

User tests

As a part of the design sprint, we ran usability tests to make sure our assumptions are true. Five fitness freaks got a chance to navigate through our prototype. We observed if they smiled, shrugged or frowned in confusion.

At the end of the day full of interviews we had everything to create a report, where we outlined all the feedback we got. It turned out we weren't always right. The navigation and exercise view could be improved — so we made it better.

We're design experts, not fortune-tellers. There's always a shadow of a doubt if people will like the product. User tests minimize the guesswork and save costs in the long run.

Karina Tarhoni

Product Designer


In addition to our work on the product, we also took care of various marketing designs. For each influencer, we designed a dedicated landing page to showcase their offer. A distinctive color palette and studio-quality photos boost the credibility and spice up the branding inside the app.


A cloud monitoring platform by ex-Uber engineers with a sleek branding (we’re biased though).

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