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Project overview

The branding trends in 2020 were pretty generic. Pretty, but generic. So when Matter Made reached out to us with an appetite for something adventurous — we were beyond excited.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, they're the secret ingredient behind the hockey-stick growth of some of the most notable tech companies like Dropbox, Calm or Loom. As a team of field-tested marketing experts, Matter Made makes rogue moves in the startup world.

Such portfolio and impact on the industry were calling to reintroduce the agency in a proper fashion. They asked us to be unapologetic, bold, and build a timeless brand around existing foundations. We said yes.


Forget the basic imagery, geometric typography and jargon-jammed headlines. Think Buzz Aldrin. Or Margaret Hamilton. Visionaries like these come to mind when picturing what Matter Made stands for.

We designed a branding that's playing around with pop cultural references. It's accessible for all and astonishing for the people thinking like Matter Made. Its unorthodox visual language echos the team’s out-of-the-box approach of doing things.


The interactive nature of the website surprises the visitor in each section, on every page. The confident visuals paired with straightforward copy give the landing page a unique look & feel, making it hard to resist its charm.

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