Matter Made

The branding trends in 2020 were pretty generic. Pretty, but generic. So when Matter Made reached out to us with an appetite for something adventurous — we were beyond excited.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, they're the secret ingredient behind the hockey-stick growth of some of the most notable tech companies like Dropbox, Calm or Loom. As a team of field-tested marketing experts, Matter Made makes rogue moves in the startup world.

Such portfolio and impact on the industry were calling to reintroduce the agency in a proper fashion. They asked us to be unapologetic, bold, and build a timeless brand around existing foundations. We said yes.






Forget the stock imagery, geometric typography and jargon-jammed headlines. Think Buzz Aldrin. Or Margaret Hamilton. It's visionaries like them that come to mind when picturing what Matter Made stands for.

We designed a branding that plays around with pop cultural references. It's accessible for all and astonishing for the people thinking like Matter Made. Its unorthodox visual language echos the team’s out-of-the-box approach.


The interactive nature of the website surprises the visitor in each section, on every page. The confident visuals paired with straightforward copy give the landing page a unique look & feel, making it hard to resist its charm.


A shopping app for those with a little bit too much on their plate. We defined their strategy, visual identity and e-commerce experience.

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