Nearly 70 million Americans can’t get a good night’s sleep. Insomnia has detrimental effects on their health, productivity and energy levels. Sadly, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment.

You can take pills, but they can become addictive. 5-minute mediation around bedtime doesn’t do much. Sleep clinics are a thing, but they’re pricey.

Don’t lose hope, though. Dawn is an app-supported program to put your insomnia to bed. After treating over 100 patients (including some big names from Silicon Valley), the pre-seed startup approached us to define their design language to welcome new users in style.


Product Design




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Starting at Dawn’s core, we defined the logo, color palette and key visual. We aimed for a cozy vibe — like getting in warm sheets after a long day sort of cozy. It’s approachable without feeling cheap.


People who seek help with their sleep shouldn’t be slapped with an offer the second they open the website. To convince them that Dawn is worth their time, we empathize with their struggles, explain the program step-by-step and tell the stories about treated patients.

The design is subtle — the blurred orbs never get in the way with the content. Rather, they make for a pleasing reading experience.

When the client trusts your vision and you’ve got ownership over every deliverable, the end result is consistency great.

Mikołaj Szymkowiak

Product Designer

Product Design

Dawn stands out because it combines the best of individual therapy and sleep tracking. You connect the app to your favorite wearable and discuss your sleep score with your coach to learn what works for you. There are also tips you can follow in between sessions.

And it’s designed in dark mode, so you won’t burn your eyes when looking at the app at night.

Media about Dawn

Dawn [...] wants to put you back in control over your sleep. The company was founded last year by Rahul Shivkumar, previously a product engineer with Intercom and Microsoft; Andreas Meistad, a cognitive behavioral therapist; and Varun Krishnamurthy, previously a software engineer at Yahoo.



One-day shipping shouldn’t cost the Earth. And this startup found a way to do it. We designed their brand identity and customer experience.

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