It's 2019 and a pair of Uber software engineers face a big decision. For the past few years, they've been working on an open source metrics engine. Besides powering one of the largest production monitoring use cases in the world, it provides ease of growth for products from Walmart, FedEx or Comcast.

For these companies, the stability of customer data is the backbone of their business. Whenever there's a server issue or hacker attack, they lose profits every second. Cloud monitoring tools alert the right people before things get ugly.

Eventually, the team made the call and turned the side project into Chronosphere. Their goal was to scale the product and help the biggest players with their data-heavy services. With more clients and recently raised funds, they wanted to invest in state-of-the-art design.


Product Design


Cloud Infrastructure


$254.4 million


To understand the client's business and strategy, we kicked things off with a brand sprint. A couple of hours later, we had a clear vision of the design direction. Once the ideas started flowing, we brought them to life.

We designed a minimal, futuristic branding based on circular shapes. This geometry is translated across a variety of concepts; within the logo itself, patterns and key visuals. The consistency is irresistible to appreciate.


To amplify Chronosphere's mission loud and clear, we arranged the website around its content and focused on the readability. The subtle visuals support the text and visualize the essence of the message without hijacking the layout. Additional details here and there make the design stand out.

Company website is a major customer touchpoint, so we engaged both brand and web designers to work closely from the get-go. This way they created a consistent picture.


Brand Designer

Product Design

We matched the results of the branding with a series of UI improvements that significantly improved the customer experience. To make the future explorations easy to implement, we documented our work into a scalable component library. And for all the night owls out here, there's a dark mode, too.

Media about Chronosphere

Chronosphere — a cloud-native monitoring platform co-founded by two former Uber engineers — has raised $200 million, a Series C that values the company at over $1 billion.



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